My Secret Wish

cricelle-del-mundo-top-2-2015-march-LETHow well do you know yourself?

What drives you?

Teacher Cricelle del Mundo knew that she had a limited time to prepare for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Despite this limitation, she held on tightly to a “secret” motivation and reviewed in a manner that she knew would work for her. She succeeded and achieved Top 2 in Elementary at the 2015 March LET.

Her story will compel you to get to know yourself better:


Sundays. I only had Sundays (six, to be exact) free to study for the LET. From 10AM to 8PM (with a 10-minute break every hour), I would stay in a coffee shop far from my home—and especially from my bed—to study my reviewers.

Strictly no Internet, unless I really needed to research about items I did not know or understand. Just me, my reviewers, my coffee, and the best study buddies! Prayers, of course, are essential.

Bakit ka pa nagrereview for LET?” was a question I heard a lot. It was simple. I knew myself well enough to know that I needed to beat the procrastinator in me.

To review was to focus and to discipline myself to achieve my secret wish to top the boards (I did not tell other people, but I knew I wanted it deep inside!).

Each one of us has our own style of learning and studying, and it is only right to do what we can and what we must in ways that suit us well.

When I finally decided to take the LET, I felt truly grateful because I had a set of materials that guided me while studying. I read and answered drills as much as I could. I also got other resources that I could use. I made Post-its and the dictionary my partners-in-crime, and the subjects that seemed fun for me were the ones I studied first to keep me motivated. Juggling work and self-review was indeed a challenge, but, I was blessed to have people who helped me focus and inspired me to aim higher! Surround yourself with the right people and you would definitely feel more confident about taking the exam.

Come LET day, I only had this advice for myself,

You can do this. This will be worth it.

And it truly was.

My secret wish to top the LET is now a reality. Sunday may just be my new favorite day, and I think I’d always feel blessed beyond belief.

Deciding to become a teacher in itself is already a praise-worthy feat. Now, go ahead and top the LET, and be the best teacher that you can be!

Cricelle del Mundo is a proud Family Life and Child Development alumna from UP Diliman (graduated back in April 2013). She has achieved the Top 2 national rank in Elementary during the 2015 March Licensure Examination for Teachers. Currently, she is handling the Kinder 1 and 2 levels at Cambridge Child Development Center in Mandaluyong City.

A teacher with a cheerful disposition, she also loves singing and enjoys making teacher-made materials when she has the chance. Her students call her “Teacher Cray-si”, as they mispronounce her nickname “Crissy” (and she seems to be living up to the name)!

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