Never Settle

Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud.


I heard this statement from my high school teacher back then and this is what still motivates me when I need to set goals. I always thought that to be able to be successful, my goal must always be to do the impossible.

To be true, at first, “passing” the LET is enough for me. I am a registered nurse who also successfully passed the Nurse Licensure Exam back July 2011. I landed at the 9th place out of the 78,135 who took the exam.

If life is just a case of having to prove something to someone, I felt that I have proven something already. It was on January 2015 that I decided to take the LET. Since I was already lagging behind in reviewing for the exam, I decided to look for an on-line review—and there it was—MINDGYM!

At first, I decided to read the LETers’ Choice Warm-Ups book that I bought from them. I read the testimonials and wrote my 92% Top 1 LET goal at page 135. At the first day that I encountered MindGym, I was greatly motivated and I think that was what I needed to keep the fire in me burning!

Symbolic fire-burning/candle-lighting activity with LET cramming reviewmates

A symbolic fire-burning/candle-lighting activity with LET FasTrack “cramming” batchmates 😉

So, what did I do after? I decided on what materials to review. I did all the drills that I can do. I watched crash course Biology videos in Youtube. I answered Biology quizzes from the internet. I attended the fast track Prof Ed review and the Final Coaching! I did these things in one and a half month.

Forging new friendships with future teachers while reviewing can also be fun.

Forging new friendships with future teachers while reviewing (while having fun) at MindGym

I proceeded with my pre-planned 10-day vacation on February which actually ate my time so I did extreme time management and strategic learning in reviewing for the LET while working. I asked my friends not to disturb me until March 29. I took a lot of vitamins to keep me up at night.

Along with LET cramming classmates. Yes, that clock says 11 PM..!

We’re all in this together..♪ (yes, that clock says 11 PM!)

When I took my nursing licensure exam three years ago, I was relaxing 5 days before the exam day. When I took the LET, I was still reviewing my LET checkpoints the night before!

On the actual day of the exam, I gave my best shot. I prayed. I maximized my time. I remembered my 92% Top 1 LET goal. And yes! When the LET results came out, I got 89.20%, Top 7 rank! I didn’t reach my LET goal but I couldn’t be any happier.

I think that the lesson that I learned in this LET journey is to never settle. Life has a lot of things to offer and we can be successful in a lot of things. There is no impossible if we just let our will drive us into reaching our goals. It is our choice, not chance, that opens us to a lot of opportunities in this world. Everything starts with a positive mind!

This 2015, I decided to make another goal come true—to be a teacher. This 2015, I opened a door, an opening that will lead me to my ultimate dream: TO INSPIRE. Life is not a case of having to prove something to someone. It is how you will make a meaning to your life and a difference to the life of others.


About Josephine Ann Necor

Josephine Ann Pablo Necor is currently teaching first- and second-year Practical Nursing students and Professional Caregiving students at St. Augustine School of Nursing. She is a two-time Philippine licensure topnotcher, notably Top 7 in the March 2015 Licensure Examinations for Teachers and Top 9 in the July 2011 Nursing Licensure Examination. She graduated with a BS Nursing degree from the Far Eastern University in April 2011 and received a Certificate in Education from Philippine Normal University in 2015. Miss 'Dyosa' is upbeat and optimistic, and puts love and passion in everything that she does. Her ultimate dream is to inspire students who inspires others as well.

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