Never give up — Faye Delos Santos’ LET topnotcher story


My journey began in 2007 when I was a freshman in UP. I never thought much about actually being a teacher, I just wanted a degree and head abroad. By 2009 I stopped studying but got back by 2012 and finally finished all my required units on 2014.

Being fully aware that I was a “delayed” student, I did my best to perform and excel in my subjects. I never settled for mediocre work and this resulted in me being awarded as a College and University Scholar for a few sems. I was even a candidate for honors.

Due to complications in my graduation (which is another LONG story in itself and resulted in being disqualified for honors. It devastated me but I reminded myself to keep on pushing), I actually wasn’t able to get my TOR and diploma immediately. It was only resolved in June 2015. I received my papers the very same day as the deadline of filing for LET Sept 2015.

It was only after filing did I realize that I needed a review center. MindGym was the first and only center that I considered given that lots of my friends who passed the board exams who joined MindGym’s classes as well. The problem was, I enrolled too late and there were barely any slots for me. Not even the Fast Track sessions. Thankfully, there was My Review Coach, their online service (which my boyfriend availed last 2013 for his January 2014 exam, and he passed as well!). I had around 3 months to review at home before the Sept. 2015 LET.

It was dreadfully difficult to review while working as a full-time teacher, often I wanted to just skip reviewing for the day. But I reminded myself never to settle for mediocrity, be it in studying efforts or faculty responsibilities.

To be honest, I wasn’t able to complete all the modules online. In fact, I stayed up the night before the exam, cramming for Test and Measurement information and practicing how to compute for the difficulty and discrimination index.

The day of the exam itself came, and I was a bit sleep-deprived. But I guess being on-the-edge and hyper-aware made me more alert and less prone to being nervous. I answered all the questions calmly and systematically. Most importantly, my motivation was that I wanted to prove myself. I graduated late, I got disqualified from graduating with honors… THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I CAN REDEEM MYSELF.

I guess God and all his angels smiled at me that day because somehow, I know these questions. That what I tackled in My Review Coach appeared. That there were at least five points dedicated to discrimination and difficulty index, which was still very fresh inside my head. No mental blocks. No fear. Just pure focus.

That day ended with me expecting the worst and hoping for the best. The wait for the result was excruciating.

Fast-forward two months later, the last week of November 2015… I passed. And more than that, I placed fourth. Wow.

Now, this very moment, I have my medal, certificate, PRC ID… all because I never gave up.

I guess what I hope anyone can take from my story is that to never settle for just okay, for minimum effort, for “pwede na yan.”

Life throws you curveballs, yeah, and I had my fair share. But the only way to score a homerun is to take on those curveballs head on. Swing at them with all your might, your soul, your effort. Success only follows excellence and excellence follows a head and a heart that never stops working.

About Marie Faye Delos Santos

Marie Faye Delos Santos achieved the top 4 ranking in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for the Elementary cluster last 2015 September. She graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman.


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