No Lost Cause – Moises Comia’s LET Topnotcher Story

I was in the longest wait of my life until I got a call from an anonymous number.

When I picked up, I got to hear that familiar gentle voice again and this time she was congratulating me for I did not just passed the LET but I also snagged a place at the top.


Yeah, I was ecstatic. It was so overwhelming that my mind was blown by so many things running in my head. Then I realized I was still on the phone with Coach Alice. After a few minutes of trying to convince me to believe in the news that would not sink in (I really could not believe to have made it), she appealed to me if I could relax, reflect and write something about my LET journey. With all the good amount of help MindGym gave me, there was no way I was going to say no. “Oh, yes!”

Mac with coach Alice at MindGym’s Power Coaching LET refresher event last 2016 March

About six months ago (as of writing this), I never had even the slightest idea that I would be taking the boards, let alone top it. Well, I imagined that eventually I was going to try taking the LET because I took units in professional education three years ago. But I was doing ok at my work in an office considering that I just recently got promoted (the second time in two years in the same company).

Suddenly, it struck me that I would never be truly happy with just doing ok. Surely my job could support me for as long as I work but what happens next when I am finally too old to work? In the end, my life would have been meaningless for I would have lived only for that moment. I would have lived only for myself. There is got to be more to life than what I have gotten used to. The idea of the pure joy I feel when I am teaching inside a classroom came back to me.

I mustered all my courage to break the safe shell I had been living in and take on the challenge that I had been putting off for too long. I gave a resignation letter to my boss in December 2015 and I used up all my remaining leave credits in January 2016 to submit my LET application to PRC and start the longest preparation I have ever done for an exam.

LET review at MindGym

LET review at MindGym

Looking back, now that I have conquered March 2016, things are finally making more sense to me. Although no scientific method can ever prove it, I strongly believe in my mind that it was The Father who struck me and made this plan all along. His plans are what we call in the common tongue Destiny. The term may have just been made cheesy by romantic movies and stories of young love, but this LET journey has made me believe the existence of that force out there capable of moving people to greatness, at least only if they allow it.

Could this be “destiny”? Mac with another LET topnotcher Lianne Caringal at MindGym’s LET refresher event 1 week before the exam

I cannot give any study tips or secret weapons more than what others may have already given, and I am not going to because MindGym is already doing a wonderful job in doing that. As for me, I can only share the thoughts I had in my mind that took me to where I am now. Hoping this might somehow spark inspiration, bear in mind that I was also at that point when life felt like it was done with me. I was sailing with no bearing, friends were hard to find, and people hardly realize and appreciate the silent sacrifices I had to make. Not too many people would bet on me and I was trying my best to convince myself that I was not yet a lost cause. So I would tell myself:

ONE: The future is not written in stone.

Destiny is a mere possibility until it is given the chance to become real. And it works both ways. Whether the situation remains bad or becomes better depends on the kind of chance destiny is given.

I gave it a chance when I quit my sweet-paying job, when I walked up to PRC and waited in line to submit my application, and when I enrolled at MindGym.

TWO: They say to dream is for free.

But dreams are not free. I came from the line of people to whom things are not handed down easily. I paid the price of this dream when I left good friends at work, when I retired my social life entirely, when I kept myself studying in my apartment without seeing any of my family for about a straight whole week, and when I tirelessly battled sleepiness in order to finish drills.

THREE: Some things can never be controlled.

And for all those things, I lift them up to God. Being a control-freak, the only thing that calms me when things get out of hand is my faith that His plans are always better than mine. I gave every last drop of effort in reviewing for the LET. And I also prayed so hard I thought the heavens must be enduring a deafening shout from my heart.  But on the day of reckoning, I gave it all up to Him. Confident that I did everything I could with what I was given, I knew it was time for His Will to be done.

About Moises Comia, Jr.

Moises Aroma Comia, Jr. achieved the top 5 ranking in the 20016 March Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for the Secondary cluster, specializing in Biological Sciences. He graduated from the University of the Philippines Manila.


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