Top 2 Robelynn Deocampo’s LET Review Tips


1. Plot a feasible and flexible schedule

Before I started any review session, I made one review schedule that have undergone numerous changes (based on my current needs) which then gave way to at least 10 revised review schedules over the course of my review.

For example, in the first few weeks of my review, I have allotted equal amounts of review time for each subject but this may be changed on the succeeding weeks after a personal assessment of how I’m doing so far in my review. A clearer example would be when I shortened the originally 3-hour review time for Math to 1 hour and added more review time to a subject I haven’t fully mastered.

My personal rule was to make my schedule feasible and flexible so that I can follow it and make necessary revisions of it without compromising any part of my exam preparation.

2. Regularly consume your drinks / medicines / food “for the brain” at least ONE (1) month before the exam

Although there is no such thing as a “miracle drug” that will give you the golden ticket to your license, consuming certain foods, drinks, or medicines (at least those that are research-proven to be helpful) may supplement your preparations for any exam.

I repeat, these are just SUPPLEMENTS — that is, they are one of the many factors that may contribute to your holistic preparedness for the LET, so do not rely solely on these consumables. If you’re going to add this practice to your review regimen, I recommend that you consume these REGULARLY at least one month before the exam to help condition your mind and body. Here are the foods, drinks and medicines that I personally consumed a month before my exam:

  1. Dark chocolate with almond (1 bite-size piece everyday, 1 hour before the start of my review)
  2. Bear Brand Gingko Biloba Sterilized Milk (taken together with the chocolate)
  3. Medicines: Vitamin C and Neuro Bion (1 tablet each a day)

On the day of the exam, I ate/drank all of these at least an hour before the test.

3. Ask for personal experiences both from topnotchers/passers and repeaters

Robelynn with MindGym English coach and LET topnotcher Joanne Mejia

Robelynn with LET Topnotcher and MindGym coach Joanne Mejia (English)

Asking for personal experiences from previous topnotchers/passers will be of great help to you for obvious reasons. On the other hand, it would also be beneficial for you to ask for the repeaters’ experiences.

From asking around, I’ve noticed that they are the ones who vividly remembered certain topics/questions (even months after the exam) most probably because these are the questions that they had difficulty with, so most likely, these are also the questions/topics that they will concentrate on for the next exam. They could also share with you their experiences/personal practices that may have contributed to the delay of their being a teacher i.e., they did not follow the dress code, they did not listen to their proctor’s instructions, they did not study a certain topic, etc. Knowing this may help you have a more concrete grasp of the dos and donts of LET.

4. Read. Answer. Check. Repeat.

It’s not enough that you simply attend review sessions.

You also need to listen to your coaches and to make sure that you understand what you’ve listened to, and to read your review materials again and again and again. During my review, I know that I can truly understand a topic if I am able to explain it correctly to another person (like how to solve for the LCM, or how to interpret the difficulty index of an item).

Always answer drills and exercises.

This read book is one of our many tomes of LET drills that I religiously answered and reviewed with

This read book is one of our many tomes of LET drills that I religiously answered and reviewed with

To do this, I photocopied at least 100 blank answer sheets (provided by MindGym) and used these religiously throughout my review. I never answered directly on any of my review material. I used the answer sheet, which is patterned after the actual exam answer sheet, even for a 10-item drill! Doing so will help you be more familiar with the mechanics of the exam. Also, I always record my time whenever I answer. Make sure to compute for the proportion of how much time you’re given for, let’s say, a 50-item test. Based on the 2-hour time frame given for 150 items, you are given at most 0.8 of a minute to work on 1 item. I always make sure though to finish the test ahead of time (1.25 hrs for 150 items instead of 2 hrs) for two reasons: (a) to make way for ample time to review and double/triple check my answers and (b) to be able to prepare for unexpected circumstances like when a proctor would not follow the exam schedules.

Do not be entirely dependent on answer keys provided by any review material.

I always make sure to have a steady wifi connection for quick Google visits whenever I review. I usually consult the help of the Internet when verifying if the answer key is correct, looking up unknown terms I’ve encountered while reviewing and looking for additional info about a topic.

Know your personal learning style and apply this knowledge in your review sessions.

I discovered that I am such a diverse learner that it’s very normal for me to move around while reviewing (acting out certain topics/terms, walking while memorizing, doing hand gestures, etc). I write notes and doodles on my review materials and I also come up with personalized mnemonics like piggyback songs and acronyms for better memory retention.

I wonder if this head exercise/massage helps with memory retention?

I wonder if this head exercise/massage helps with memory retention?

5. Pray

In the end, you can only do so much with your given capabilities and abilities as a human being. This is why it is very important that you remember to always partner your rigorous review with fervent prayers. I prayed for a responsible proctor and I was blessed with two. I prayed for a calm disposition throughout the exam proper, and I was given serenity from the moment I woke up till the moment I slept. I prayed that I pass the exam… and I was blessed with a spot on the list of topnotchers. 🙂

About Robelynn Deocampo

Robelynn Deocampo achieved the top 2 ranking in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for the Elementary cluster last 2016 March. She graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

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