So You’re Taking the LET Soon

Congratulations—you are a step closer to being a licensed professional teacher!!!

At this you should already have mastered if not gone through all the basics. If you are super-duper-extra-hardworking, you might have already memorized the taxonomy-related stuff (e.g., chondroicthyes) for your general education and related R.A.s for your professional education.

Taking our mock LET practice at MindGym

To top that off, you might have already gone through your specialization notes for the nth time already! My advice for the final week:

  1. Just rest. And eat nutrient-rich food (yummy!). Sure, you can browse through your notes and important points but, as of this point, you should not worry about it too much as I am very optimistic that all you have learned has already registered or cemented on your brain, ready for retrieval during the hours-long exam.
  2. Don’t be disappointed and shocked that at least 60% of the items in the exam are new. But also don’t be too overconfident after seeing the same exact questions you saw or heard during your review at MindGym. Always proceed all questions WITH CAUTION. I cannot stress this enough. Finally:
  3. Take your time. Do not be eager to quickly wrap-up your test and go out of the room aftering seeing people leaving. Remember, this is YOUR test. YOUR scores. YOUR performance. (Quick quiz: What rhetorical device did I use? See the answer below.)

With this, I wish you all the best for your exam this Sunday. Don’t sweat it. Can you ace the exam? Saying it the MindGym way, YES. YOU CAN.

With regards from the Lion City,

Wilkinson Gonzales
Top 6,  LET Secondary 2016 March

Here are some photos of Wil’s LET journey at MindGym:

Answer: anaphora (the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of verses or other units of speech.) If you got it, congratulations!

About Wilkinson Gonzales

Wilkinson (Wil) Wong Gonzales received the top 6 ranking in the 2016 March Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for the Secondary division. He graduated with a degree in BSED-English from the De La Salle University Manila.


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