Top 9 Christine Tugade Baguio Oath-taking Speech – The “Fixing” Teacher

SEPTEMBER 2016 BLEPT OATH-TAKING SPEECH by Ms. Christine Tugade, Top 9 (University of Baguio)

Magandang buhay sa inyong lahat!  Let me begin by saying congratulations to everyone. Congratulations to us September 2016 LET passers. YES, we did it!

To our PRC Board for Professional Teachers Chairperson Hon. Rosita L. Navarro, Board Vice-Chairperson Hon. Paz Lucido, BOPT Member Hon. Paraluman Giron and our PRC OIC Mam Evangeline Marilyn Vergara, good morning!

To our parents, families and friends and to all mentors present, give yourselves a pat on the shoulders for you did good. You paved the way for us to be here celebrating today.

Christine sharing a short LET testimonial during our Christmas LET Victory celebration

Each of us has individual LET stories to tell. Some struggles were real. Some sacrificed other things like quitting their jobs to attend the review, selling some stuff for financial support, being away from their families for weeks or during family day on weekends… for some, this could be their second time, third time, nth time…  Ilan ba sa inyo dito ang nagmahal, nasaktan, tapos nag-LET?… at pumasa!

But no matter how our LET stories started, it all ended beautifully and successfully. We are all topnotchers in our own right. We are all winners! Your bright smiles and the glow in your eyes today can attest to that. God has a very beautiful and unique plan for each one of us. We are motivated because our hearts are so ever hungry to learn. That kind of hunger is a gift to our country.

Yes, our success today is the result of our inspirations, perspirations and hard work. But may the inspirations we feel today be translated into emulation tomorrow. Wherever God brings us, let us be a model of resilience, courage and hard work.

Christine, at the left with the pink scarf, in intense focus in answering her practice mock LET

Our fight does not end here. Our victory today is just a prologue to the real battlefield of education. After this event, we will all go back to our hometowns with our licenses as proof of being professional teachers. Some of you will start applying for a teaching position either in private or public schools. Some of you maybe already a teacher… But the moment we all step inside the classroom, let us put on our suit of armour so that we may be able to stand firm and defend our students against ignorance and illiteracy. Let us be dead serious to produce students who are most creative, most passionate, most courageous and most excellence-driven. We need to give our students that kind of fighting spirit. They have to win in life in this country.

My fellow professional teachers, we have a country to fix. And fixing should start from the quality of education we give to our students. Let us shape them into good citizens. May we have the perseverance, creativity, and brilliance to create our own paradigm for various academic disciplines.

Personal drawing as a teacher, of being the “key” to the future of her students

We must consistently be sensitive and responsive to our students’ needs. Let us be the source of understanding and grace for the most difficult and hurting students in the class. Let us be the good character models the students would want to look up to. Let us be the breather of hope and dispenser of love in a faculty room of tired and frustrated teachers.

We are lifelong-learners. We are the catalyst of change and our influence never stop. Tayo’y mga gurong hindi basta-basta. Tayo’y mga gurong pinanday hindi lamang sa LET kundi para tuklasin ang ating kontribusyon sa edukasyon. Tayo ay mga gurong progresibo. Gurong nagsasaliksik at tumutuklas, gurong nagbabasa, gurong nakikinig at umuunawa, gurong out-of-the box, gurong fit and healthy, gurong hi-tech at millennial, gurong may itsura, gurong person of authority, gurong in-love, gurong para sa kapwa-Pilipino.

One of my coaches in Mindgym, Teacher Ana once told me “A fixed teacher is a fixed classroom. And when our classrooms are fixed, there is less and less reasons to march down the streets.”

Posing with MindGym coach Anna Casiding in the middle.


Now, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude and honour the schools where I came from – first the Mondriaan Aura College in Subic Bay where I graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and the Gordon College in Olongapo City where I earned my Professional Education units. For now, I am serving as a college instructor and a Senior High school teacher in Aura College as my way of giving back to my Alma Mater.


Also, I would like to thank the Mindgym Philippines in Quezon City for training and mentoring me and believing in my capacities. They inspired me for triple hard work, value for lifelong-learning and dreaming big for myself so I can dream big for my students.

Also, thank you to my very supportive and loving husband, Jonathan Tugade and my life-saver and constant runner Kristanya. Btw, Happy 15th wedding anniversary sa iyo honey ko.

To my classmates and friends who are here as passers, too, thank you for joining me in my LET journey… Hats off to you guys!

But all praises and glory be to our Almighty Jehovah God who took care of me in my LET journey. He guided me all the time. I couldn’t thank him enough for all these blessings.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS, mga ma’am, sir ng bayan… Magandang buhay para sa ating lahat!

About Christine Tugade

Christine Almiñe Tugade is the Top 9 in the 2016 September Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), Secondary Education division, Social Studies major. She finished BS-Accountancy at the Mondrigan Aura College, and is currently residing at Baguio. She reviewed in MindGym's 18-day LET coaching during her preparation for the LET.


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