Top 1 Ces Marcelo’s Oath-taking Speech – Why Teach?

Be inspired by MindGym’s online LET reviewee Ces Marcelo’s story of struggle, triumph, and life goal as she shares her life story in her Oath Taking speech, 30 December 2016 (below) and asks teachers to reflect on the essential question:

Why teach?

“There were many times in college when my scholarship allowance got delayed. The money I earned from working part-time wasn’t always enough and there were days that I had to choose between spending for food and spending on readings and other school requirements. During the worst days, I could only afford to eat once a day and this is when my roommate shared me her food or lent me extra money.

There was a time, when I was absent from school for three consecutive days kasi kapos po talaga.

One of my Health professors called me, akala ko po katapusan ko na, and that I’m in for a lengthy lecture on why I was skipping class. As I answered the phone, I heard the voice of a very concerned woman, asking me if I’m alright. She asked me to go to school the next day. After our class, she asked me to stay to discuss some matters. She talked to me, asking why I hadn’t been going to school. There, I felt like I’m talking to a friend, not a professor. For the first time in my life, I told my story to someone whom I am not in a close, personal, relationship with. I cried as I told her the struggles of coming from a broken family and being a self-supporting student. She hugged me, told me that everything will be alright. She handed me money afterwards. I refused to take it but she insisted that I need to take it so I can eat. As we parted that day, her words left a mark on mind,

Cess, you have great potential. Alam ko, lahat ng sakripisyo mo, may kapalit. You will reap the fruits of your sacrifices soon.

True enough, through the help our Almighty God, my scholarships and my ever-supportive parents, friends and special someone, I am now reaping the fruits of my sacrifices.

To the Professional Regulatory Board for Professional Teachers, proud parents, guests and to my fellow newly licensed professional teachers, a pleasant morning to all of you. Never did it occur to me that I will be given this opportunity to speak in front of the new heroes who will nurture the minds of the hopes of the future generation. I am very honored.

A lot of people have asked me before, why I chose this profession. Pwede namang maging engineer, maging scientist, isang architect o isang doktor, pero bakit isang guro? Why Teach?

I heard a lot of discouragements from people around me, remarks like “You will not get rich if you chose teaching. It is just a waste of your skills. Marami namang ibang courses na pupwede ka”. I know I am not the only one who share this kind of story. Lahat tayo at some point in our lives encountered such words of.. disapproval. But do you know what kept me going? Listen to me when I say that there would be no engineers, no doctors, no businessmen and no professionals if there were no teachers.

Teachers, like you, me, and the professor whom I talked about earlier, play a very important part in the lives of our students. We are like pebbles thrown into the ocean, creating ripples of knowledge and influence. We are in charge of nurturing the minds of the future generation.

We are here to inspire the youth, to keep striving until they reach their goals. Let us give them the quality education that they deserve. We, the teachers, have the ultimate calling of finding and helping develop in each student their true potentials. We are here to keep them dreaming even when there’s only the littlest hope. We are here to keep the light of hope burning; a hope for a better quality education that is accessible to all; a hope for a better Philippines. Let us be the catalyst of change, the driving force to lessen the ignorance in the country. Let us be the hand to guide those that are blinded by the current system. Let us be teachers for the Philippines and teach for a better Philippines.

When you’re on the verge of giving up on your students because of the low salary, limited facilities and limited materials, remind yourself: “This is for my students.”
When you have to use your own money to buy chalks, erasers and other instructional materials, remind yourself: “This is for the betterment of my students’ lives.”
When you need to give that one student of yours financial assistance just to make him or her go back to school the following day, remind yourself: “This could change his or her life.”
Teachers, I want you all to seek within yourselves the answer to the question I raised earlier: “Why teach?” I know we each carry a unique answer to that. Try to hold onto that answer, and let that answer keep you from losing interest in teaching. I believe that now is the time that the Philippines needs us more than ever.

Passing the LET is just a start. The real challenge begins inside the classroom. So let us step our best foot forward and keep it at that and be a better version of ourselves for our students.

Mabuhay tayong mga bagong guro ng bayan!”


Lady Princess Sanguyo-Marcelo, LPT

About Lady Princess Marcelo

Lady Princess "Ces" Sanguyo Marcelo is the Top 1 in the 2016 September March Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), Elementary Education division. She finished her undergraduate degree last 2015 from the College of Education in the University of the Philippines Diliman. During her LET preparation period, she used MindGym's online LET program at to supplement her ongoing self-study while being a full-time teacher.
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