2017 September Licensure Examination for Teachers LET RESULTS — MindGym Topnotchers and Passers

Congratulations to all MindGym September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers LET topnotchers & passers!

See our complete list of topnotchers and passers below:

MindGym Elementary Level — Topnotchers


4 Roque, Vinna Joan Lacanilao
De La Salle University – Manila — 87.60

7 Sagun, Greziel Donna Estepa
Technological Institute of the Philippines — 87.00

7 Tutaan, Sabrina Cruz
De La Salle University – Manila — 87.00

8 Galang, Mara Shaira Angeles
University of Southern Mindanao — 86.80

8 Navales, Josephine Mae D.M.
Miriam College — 86.80


6 Solomon, Franz Ian Dominguez (Biological Sciences)
West Visayas State University – Main Campus — 91.80

6 Operania, Rae Mellard Dichoso (Math)
Columban College, Inc. — 91.80

8 Dela Cruz, Titov Descargar (Math)
Northeastern College — 91.40

8 Felix, Jomar Almiron (Math)
Philipinne Normal University — 91.40

10 Cedeño, Jurisken Lachica
University of Southern Mindanao — 91.00

10 Ibañez, Mark Daniel Mangiliman (Math) (MyReviewCoach.com)
University of the Philippines – Diliman — 91.00
Read about Mark’s LET journey here.

MindGym Elementary Level — Passers

To be updated soon.

MindGym Secondary Level — Passers

Agriculture and Fisheries

To be updated soon.

Biological Sciences

To be updated soon.


To be updated soon.


To be updated soon.


To be updated soon.


To be updated soon.

Physical Sciences

To be updated soon.

Social Studies

To be updated soon.


To be updated soon.

Values Education

To be updated soon.

Thank you for making us a part of your journey to LET success. Make a difference, teachers!

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