My LET Story by Mark Daniel Ibañez, Top 10 Sept 2017 LET

Engr. Mark Daniel Ibañez, RMP, LPT ranked top 10 in the 2018 September Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. He graduated with a BS degree in Civil Engineering, took up a Certificate in Professional Education, and is currently a student in MA Urban and Regional Planning, all in the University of the Philippines Diliman. He’s also currently coaching MindGym LET reviewees with his specialized knowledge in Math in their 18-Day LET coaching program.

Multi-hypenated coach Mark’s story below is a fine example of pushing yourself to the best that you always can! Read on to find out why.

My LET Story by Mark Daniel Ibañez

It was May 2017 that time, five months after successfully achieving the required 18 units of Professional Education by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). I was debating with myself whether to study on my own or to enroll myself in a review center as I was planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) by September of the same year.

At that time, I’ve been engaged with a lot of commitments – a full time work, gym training sessions, Church activities, master’s degree classes, and quality time with my family and friends. Having said this, it appears that I actually have little to no time to review for the LET. Hence, I was firm on just accepting the fact that I had to do buy myself some review books from the bookstore and those being sold outside PRC, then study on my own. I thought that maybe, I will still do well since I also passed the Master Plumber Licensure Examination in 2016 without enrolling in a review center.

But that was not the case. I don’t want to just pass the LET. I wanted to TOP the LET.

One evening, I tried looking for LET related review books online and the first result Google gave me was about MindGym Warm-Ups book. I decided to get one so that I’ll have an idea on what items to expect on the LET.

When I opened the book, I found really helpful articles, not to mention the success stories of LET topnotchers which are very inspiring. What frustrated me is the fact that I can’t answer the sample test items given in the book most especially those concerning Professional Education. I realized that it would be difficult for me to digest all these education concepts since I was not an Education graduate.

MindGym came as a savior. What caught my attention in the MindGym website was the MyReviewCoach. This online LET Review platform was very suitable to my situation with a very busy schedule. There, they uploaded review notes and provided timed drills that reviewees can answer after reading the notes. I studied hard during my break time in the office, while traveling on my way to the office and back home, and even while resting after a tiring site visit in a province. I disciplined myself and utilized my time very well keeping an eye on my goal.

In addition, I became a member of their Facebook group which allowed me to interact with the Coaches and with my co-reviewees. Coaches actively responded to my questions most especially to those items which are not very clear to me. I found myself fulfilled by helping my co-reviewees answer their questions and providing solutions to Math Problems they post in the group. I saw my progress, and it was really satisfying.

To ensure my success in the LET, I also attended MindGym’s Specialization coaching. Being a Math major, I had to brush up my skills in the subject since there are topics that I may have forgotten already.

True enough, there are Math concepts which appeared new to me as they were never taught during high school and in my undergraduate subjects. The specialization workbook was really helpful as it provided me with a summary of what I need to learn and re-learn, and lots of drills that I can work on. These made me more confident in taking the specialization exam.

Moreover, the sessions were filled with activities and fun games which allowed me to meet new friends. After the specialization class, Coach Alice, MindGym’s very kindhearted and hands-on mom, approached me and mentioned the Mock LET and Power Coaching which will boost my confidence more in taking the LET. I was hesitant at first since I had to take another leave of absence from work, but I did it anyway since Coach Alice asked me to attend and said, “Minsan ka lang naman magtatake ng LET, i-maximize mo na.

One of the best things that MindGym offers are these Power Coaching Sessions. I took their Mock LET during this course and ranked 7 among other reviewees. That’s great news for me since I was really aiming to be on top. The mock exam also gave me an idea on which topics I must focus more on and set more time to study for the remaining weeks. Here, the mock LET answers were discussed, and we were given more drills to answer.

Apart from these, I realized how awesome MindGym is as compared to the review center I enrolled in when I took the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination. MindGym prepared me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In fact, during one of the sessions where the whole community prayed, I found myself in tears. I realized how I wanted this so badly, that after everything I’ve been through, here I am, just a few steps away from my dream. MindGym made sure that their reviewees are comfortable and are well taken care of. They made sure that all questions are answered, and all worries and anxieties are reduced. Most importantly, they gave me a gift of a new family – something I can call “my MindGym Family”.

Mark with his MindGym Math majors group (interestingly where 2 other groupmates in this photo also topped the LET)

Also in MindGym, I never thought that I will meet very inspiring and motivating Coaches. In fact, I wanted to become one of them. I also wanted to be a Coach to help future teachers pass and top the LET. I am also honored to have met some of my co-Math majors I had a chance to review with days before the LET. Funny as it may sound, we were called the ‘Clingy Batch’ among all top bets. Even after the LET, we still see each other to bond and spend time together!

I am proud to say that MindGym gave me everything I needed to pass and top the LET. With the help of MindGym, I topped the LET, and it has opened a lot of opportunities for me.

Now, I am honored to be called “Coach Mark” by new MindGym LET reviewees, and I am now a full pledged teacher – yes, dreams really do come true. I am very grateful to MindGym and its staff and Coaches, to those who believed in me and prayed for me, and of course, to the Almighty God, the Source of everything. I testify that indeed:

“Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

Coach Mark, now on the same educators’ stage as with MindGym’s coaches Albert and Alice


Mark at the PRC Oath-taking for the 2017 September LET, with Math major groupmate RM Operanio (Top 6). Check out more pictures at our Facebook page photo album.

Mark with MindGym LET coaches in a 2018 May review session

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