A Thank You from Krystelle, Top 4 March 2018 LET

Krystelle Meagan Cotaoco Yao ranked top 4 in the Elementary division of the 2018 March Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. She graduated from De La Salle University – Manila.

Thank you Coach Alice, Coach Albert and the MindGym community for getting me ready for the LET exam! It was tough and until the last minute, I was still hoping just to pass. But now that I have passed, I am looking forward to become the teacher I was meant to be.

People used to say “Those who can, do and those who can’t, teach.”

I believe this used to be how it was before, but today, young, brilliant and energetic minds have thrown their names into the teaching pool.

As seen through our batch and several more, I believe that the teaching community is in good hands. We have a lot of young talented students today who want to serve a greater good – to shape and mold our youth into better learners, better leaders and most of all, better people.

Now that we are licensed professional teachers, we must be ready for all the challenges and see it as a blessing to further enrich our knowledge and experience in this profession. We must also be committed to providing the best possible education and be relentless in teaching the youth the right words, the correct computation, the precise measurements and most of all, enhance and strengthen the virtues of a good child, a good sibling and a good person.

Congratulations to all and we should thank all who have helped us reach (not the end) but the start of our journey.

Always give your best no matter what and make a difference in the lives of others!

– Krystelle

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