Curiosity and Teaching — Thoughts of Teacher Via, Top 10 March LET 2018

Pavia Denise Montejo Delgado ranked top 10 in the Elementary division of the  2018 March Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. She graduated from De La Salle University – Manila. She also previously shared tips that helped her achieve her LET success.

Wondering about what made Via decide to teach? Read on.

Via, first from the left, with DLSU schoolmates during MindGym LET review

How I decided to teach

It all started with my curiosity, looking for answers to the question: “Ano ba ang inaaral ng mga guro?” or “What do teachers study?”

Aside from the fact that I understood that they also had to study the subject/s that they are supposed to teach their students, what else is there? Do they also study how to teach these subjects? If so, how is it taught to them?

These stem of questions ran in the mind of a 12-year old Via when asked what she wanted to be.

Growing up, I have always admired how my teachers taught us the different subjects in school, to a point that I bring it back home to my siblings as well as with my friends and classmates in school. I saw my siblings, friends, and classmates learn and understand what I taught them and it inspired me to become a teacher.

I thought to myself that if I can make them learn from me, then perhaps I can make other students learn as well.

Via on the right during the class gift exchange last December

LET Journey and how MindGym helped me

I reviewed in MindGym because I didn’t know what would appear in the LET, despite the TOS given by the PRC. I needed some reassurance of how the questions would be asked, what type of questions would be asked, and what topics should I focus and refresh myself on for improvement.

MindGym’s way of reviewing us really helped me during the LET, especially on how to approach and rationalize the questions and lessons. MindGym’s review materials really helped because they are updated based from the previous LET takers’ feedback and that the coaches will help you in understanding the questions you need help on.


During my LET review, I may not have participated as much in the big group discussions or in our facebook group but I made an effort to approach the coaches or to talk and discuss with my reviewmates if I needed clarification in anything.

At the end of the day, you have MindGym’s support (coaches, staff, reviewmates) in your journey and it is up to you to make the most out of it. I hope you do because the journey is worth it. It may seem a lot, it may seem big. There’s so much to do, learn, and take in. But I want you to remember these: know that you are not alone AND breath and believe:

Believe that you can and you will!


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