Via’s Top LET Tips

Pavia Denise Montejo Delgado ranked top 10 in the Elementary division of the  2018 March Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. She graduated from De La Salle University – Manila. Here, she shares tips that she was able to practice during her LET journey.

1) Pray, pray, pray.

Everyday, I prayed for strength, guidance, and in my endeavors including the LET. I also prayed for every one else who’ll be taking the LET. I went to different churches on the day before the LET. I also attended an anticipated mass.

2) Stay healthy. Take periods of rest and breaks. Drink your vitamins.

As you review, don’t forget to rest and take breaks also. Reward yourself for doing your best while reviewing. I also have my list of vitamins, including memory boost!! With a healthy body and mind, you have that extra boost in topping and passing the LET!

3) Write, write, write.

As I reviewed, I took notes. As I re-read all the review materials, I wrote down those I know I needed to remember (including relevant keywords) because those were my areas for improvement and I needed to prepare myself with these topics because who know what will appear during the exam. I chose to write them because I know that writing things down will help me remember them. During the actual LET, I wrote on my test booklet (you can write on your test booklet) by encircling and underlining the relevant keywords of the questions.

4) Read, read, read AND understand.

Aside from my review materials, I also read over and over again the notes that I wrote down based from the review materials. I believed that this way, the information will retain in my head.

5) Notes under my pillow (YES!!)

I had a bunch of handwritten notes that I compiled and I placed them under my pillow. :))

6) Practice, practice, practice.

In MindGym’s LET review program, there will be a lot of drills. Some questions from these drills appeared during our LET. It may seem tiring but I tell you, it’s worth it!

During my drills practice, I record a ‘time start’ and ‘time end’ so that I keep track of myself, my pace, and my progress in answering the questions. Aside from that, I also have a target score in mind. I photocopied a lot of answer sheets so that I will be used to shading. It is by answering these drills that you will train yourself on how to approach the questions by rationalizing and during the LET, I cannot help but internally rationalize the questions. I was internally rationalizing because I was processing the question by knowing and looking what it asks for so that it would lead me to the best answer. Sometimes, all the options look viable enough to be answers but in the LET, the aim is to always find the BEST answer.

7) Use your context clues.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key things I did during the LET were to circle and underline relevant keywords. These relevant keywords, in turn, helped me understand the context which leads to what the question would be asking you to look for or do. These relevant keywords will also help you to find the BEST answer. The key thing to note here is to read and UNDERSTAND.

8) On the use of Answer keys.

The MindGym drills would have answer keys but I suggest that you don’t settle on them or don’t be entirely dependent on them. After checking, you may opt to search the answers on your own via the internet or review books and cross-check with the answer keys provided. If you have clarifications, you can always ask around. You will remember and understand the new information better this way.

9) ‘Lucky charms’.

I brought my lucky pencils sharpened by the MindGym coaches as well as an item that reminds me to ‘believe that I can’. I also brought the MindGym affirmation card that I read everyday since the day that it was given to the reviewees. You may have your own set of lucky charms and it doesn’t hurt to have that extra boost of motivation, reassurance, and peace of mind.

10) Visit your test center beforehand so you can plan your travel route.

11) I didn’t open my notes on the day before the LET.

I like to think that it was the ultimate rest before LET as a reward for all the hardwork I’ve done. I still kept them under my pillow the night before LET though.

12) On shading.

During the LET, I wrote my answers on the test booklet first before I shaded the answer sheet. I would always double-check before I shade so that I won’t miss any items.

13) Don’t leave blanks. Sayang point!

Make your best educated guess. By educated guess, I mean, based on what you understood from what the questions asks for (context clues and relevant keywords).

14) Relax and take deep breaths.

It helped me calm down during the LET review because sometimes I get pressured or that I get too tensed on the information I’m reviewing. I didn’t do much social media in the weeks leading up to the LET also so that I could focus; however, I keep my communication lines open because talking to my friends, whether about the LET or not, also helped me calm down.

15) Find your sources of strength and motivation.

For me, it was God, my family, friends, and reviewmates. I felt their support in my journey and I have them to thank as well for this accomplishment.

Good luck teachers, kayang-kaya niyo yan!! 🙂


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