How a first-time ever MAPEH Major Topped the LET Using Principles of Exercises and Sports

Introducing MAPEH’s first LET MVP: Jeremiah Diaz, Top 10, 2018 March Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Philippines, a graduate from the University of the East.

Coach Jem shares how the Principles of Exercise and Sports inspired him in his successful training for the LET:


Music, Arts, PE and Health (MAPEH) is not just a work of the body but also of the mind and the soul. It takes holistic intelligence for an aspiring teacher to master MAPEH for the LET.

I used some of the Principles of Exercise and Sports and applied these to the way I prepared for the LET last March 2018, as I self-reviewed intensely for one month using LET review materials borrowed from friends, reference books read at UE library, and downloaded videos from the internet; and relied on myself to learn and rationalize answers to LET practice items that I had to do.

Here are the seven principles of exercise and sports:

  1. Individuality
  2. Specificity
  3. Progression
  4. Overload
  5. Adaptation
  6. Flexibility
  7. Recovery

Here’s how I used these supposed physical exercise and sports principles in conditioning not only my body but my mind and my soul.

First, the Principle of Individuality tells us that each one is different from another person and responds differently to training. You surely recall Gardner’s MI which tells us that we have all the intelligences but in varying degrees.

As you prepare for the LET, start with knowing yourself better. I heard that MindGym starts the first day of their 18-day LET review with a getting-to-know-you session to encourage reviewees to reflect on their “whys” for taking the LET and for wanting to be teachers.

So, begin by looking at how you could best review for the LET considering your intelligences and your level of stock knowledge for the LET. Taking a LET diagnostics test for free would give you a headstart.

Second, Specificity. This tells us that difference exercises develop different skills needed to excel in sports. This is NOT applicable for the LET. A runner needs to shed off weight while a weightlifter needs to gain mass.

In the LET, I realized that I have to develop and master ALL topics not only MAPEH nor General Education nor Professional education. Reviewing very well for one subject and forgetting about others will not make one pass not top the LET.

Third, Progression. In exercise and sport, we take one step at a time, increasing our skills and endurance, before we reach the top position for our chosen sport. As teachers, we know that we must not get stuck with knowledge or memorization of facts but progress to reach the level of creation (in the taxonomy of cognition). Similarly, in the LET, I was always in the lookout for challenging sample LET items which will help me analyze and apply principles of teaching and concepts in FLCD and assessment of learning. I did not rely on just one reviewer but I went out of my way to do internet search to deepen my knowledge.

I also used the other principles such as the Progression, Specificity, and Reversibility. How? Next time nalang..

To be continued 😎

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