Congratulations 2018 September Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Passers and Topnotchers — MindGym LET RESULTS

Congratulations! Yes you did it!
The long wait is over.
Your sacrifices, efforts, and time invested have paid off.

No more long, rainy, tiring commutes to MindGym’s intensive coaching for LET sessions.
No more time-pressured stressful LET drills to answer.
No more sleepless nights and gimmick-less weekends.

YES to doing more relevant lesson plans.
YES to a whole day’s planning and organizing to make be a good teacher.
YES to being sensitive to learners’ unique needs over you own.
YES to beginning a new chapter in life, as LPTs.

On behalf of your MindGym family,
Congratulations passers of the 2018 September Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers!

Welcome to a world of bigger challenges.
Brace yourselves for a difficult road ahead to touching the future, one classroom/learner at a time.

Yes you can!
God bless you.

coach alice
(From your MindGym family of teachers)

MindGym Elementary Level — Topnotchers

4 Gem Angela Polines Tupaz
University of the Philippines – Diliman — 88.80

7 Mariquit Del Rosario Camba
University of the Philippines – Diliman — 88.20

Complete list of passers to be posted soon.

To you who didn’t make it..

Please read our message for you here. Take the LET again! You might not have been ready this latest season.. but you certainly have it in you, so take baby steps forward and get ready to pass the 2019 March exam.

To family and friends who are looking for high-quality, effective, and memorable Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers LET review program, we hope you can join us at MindGym!

  1. 18-Day LET Coaching (ALL-IN! ₱ 8,000)
  2. Self-study Online LET Review program (₱ 2,950)
  3. LET Reviewer Books: LET General Education workbook with FREE Warm-Ups book (₱ 1,800)

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About Mo/am Alice

As Education Administrator/Director of MindGym, she tackles the center’s day-to-day affairs and gives its learners the warmth, care, and support that only the “heart” could afford to deliver. As one of the main coaches for MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for LET, she infuses practical lessons not only for LET success but for life as a teacher. She vows to be a lifelong learner. Follow her on Twitter.

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