Nourish a Reason — Top 7 Mariquit Del Rosario Camba PRC Oath-taking Speech

All that I believed in since I started my LET journey was that studying, the whole enterprise of purposeful learning, may be considered a form of worship. That sounds weird, but the outpouring of all strength and intelligence, perseverance and will, the utmost stretch of time and effort—it’s also like a song of praise to God. That’s why on LET day, above the nerves and paranoia, what I felt most of all was this weird happiness! I was smiling and having fun while I answered the test! It felt like it was the culmination, the completion, of my bonding with God all those months!

Whoever your God is—or whether you believe in one—what is important is to find, keep, and nourish a Reason. Why do you need to take the LET? Why become a professional teacher? If we have the Reason, the discipline just follows. The routines, the daily narrowed tasks, the healthful lifestyle—these just follow. And though the broadness, the harshness, the typographical errors of the LET are intimidating, if we have the Reason, it’s never quite easy to give up.

So I urge you to find and nourish a Reason. A good one. Preferably one that gives and gives and gives.

I hope that our biggest takeway in the LET journey is not the license, not the government-issued ID, not the LPT signature at the end of our names, not even the title “Professional Teacher.” But I hope that the skill of persevering for a Reason, the attitude of learning and learning and learning and learning for an Advocacy, becomes the character that guides us at the start of our career and onwards as a professional teacher. This is the biggest takeaway of all.

Smile and have fun taking the LET! May the spirit never fade inside all of us.

~Mariquit Del Rosario Camba
Top 7, Elementary Education, 2018 September LET, 88.20
University of the Philippines – Diliman

Mari with Gemmy Tupaz, a schoolmate and co- MindGym LET topnotcher at the 2018 September LET PRC oath-taking

Congratulations Mari!❤️

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