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Marwin Elarco Obmerga, twenty-something, is a "unit earner" who specializes in Biological Science. He finished his Associate in Health Science Education diploma (2008) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (2010) at Southern Luzon State University and his Master of Arts in Nursing degree (Cum Laude/Meritus, 2013) and Teacher Certificate Program (2015) at the University of Santo Tomas.

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LET for non-Education Degree Holders

Finally, you’ve already completed the required eighteen (18) units of Professional Education subjects, thus, entitling you to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Whatever might be your reason for this career shift, whether it might be due to the pursuit of your passion for teaching or a requirement for a college-instructor-turned-into-senior-highschool-teacher for you to save […]

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