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Ikka’s LET Tips

LET tips from Ikka, one of MindGym’s High-Raters in the September 2013 LET.

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20 things I did for LET

Here are my experiences and practices when I was a LETer to hopefully help those who are still confused where to start or how to keep going and reach their LET goals.. or at least end up with a high rating like mine!

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Four Top Tips to Better Study Groups

Study groups can be tricky—they can either be productive or make you end up wishing you just reviewed alone. Here are four practical tips to make the most out of study groups.

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How to Creatively Wait for the September 2013 LET Results

Worrying for the LET exam results doesn’t solve anything. Check out some tips from Coach Alice to keep you creative, positive, and productive during “the wait”!

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Believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? At MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for the LET, reviewees have the mantra : Yes, I can!  Initially sounding corny, mushy, and trite – it eventually becomes a battle cry for all our LETers who dream of topping or at least passing the LET on first take (with MindGym’s help). Believing in […]

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MindGym LET Top Tips: Topnotcher Noel Carena says “sleep more”

For someone like me who barely had four hours of sleep for the past months, trying to meet everyone’s needs at MindGym, Noel Carena’s tips for MindGym LETers below, has been a welcome reminder to sleep more. “I took my LET in 2010, and although my passing can be described as ‘with flying colors’, there’s […]

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Allowable Calculators for the LET

It’s 52 sleeps to go or barely two months before the March 10, 2013 LET. If you are taking the LET, you better get hold of a calculator and practice using it by now. Yes, you can use a calculator for the LET. A good calculator would definitely save your time in doing math problems […]

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How to Cram and Succeed in LET (or any other test)

Post by Coach Alice Do you work best under pressure? Does the primacy-recency effect work for you? Is now the only time you have to review for the licensure examination for teachers (LET) or an exam you’ll be taking soon? Are you ready to commit for LET success or to pass a test? As a […]

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1st Study Skills Camp at MindGym on June 2: Warm Up, Prep Well, and Excel!

Throughout the school year, how often do we hear the following typical remarks about studying and learning? Mom: I wish my child had better grades.  She/he spends so much time on Facebook and his/her PSP or cellphone.  I feel guilty that I  can’t be by her/his side as a tutor.  I need to make a […]

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Brainy Warm-up2 b

Fact: Only 23 out of 100 pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers …So discover early how to do it right and make it this September 30

Are you one of the thousands of education graduates taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) this September 30?  If you are, read on and know early the context of the LET that you are about to take.  This would surely give you the right perspective to begin your LET preparation. So many education graduates […]

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First Things First to a Better Memory

by Coach Albert Every memory technique starts with “attention” and “observation”. Surely, you know what these two words mean.  But do you know that these two words are the first two (or the most important) things you need to have a phenomenal memory.  If you focus your attention on things that matter, they will never […]

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After room assignments, it’s time for final tips from Jean Millare, LET topnotcher

It’s been a year since MindGym Philippines alumni Jean Millare took the Licensure examinations and made it as Top 1 in her batch. Though very busy doing her dream job of “teaching teachers” in the University of Southern Mindanao, Jean took time to share these final tips for LET takers this September 2011. “Hi.  It’s […]

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