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Summer Workshop for Kids

Summer Workshop for Kids – Art

Make this vacation cool, memorable, fun, and colorful with MindGym’s Summer Art Workshops for Kids! Only P2,500 for 5 days, with materials. Contact us at 437-5880 / 0939-899-9989 to enroll. Registration is ongoing! Summer Workshop for Kids Fun Art: Basic Drawing and Coloring Module 1 P2,500 for 5 sessions Minimum age: at least 4 years […]

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Licensure Examination for Teachers Review 2013 at MindGym Philippines

September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers Review

Registration is ONGOING for our September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers review! Guarantee your topping or passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers by doing it the MindGym Way Our LET Review Package 1. Intensive LET Coaching for General/Professional Education and Specialization 2. THREE Exclusive Power Workbooks 3. LETers’ Choice Book 1 – Licensure Examination for […]

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“Art for Teachers Workshop” Participants Add Color and Spice to their Classrooms

We’re always captivated to see works of our students outside the MindGym center premises. Here’s a photo and testimonial by recent attendee teacher Mark Denoso (thanks for sharing!): These cute paper animals will be displayed on my bulletin board all throughout this school year. Attending your art workshop is a boost for us, teachers. It […]

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Round 2: Art Workshop for Teachers

Because you asked for it: More ART FOR TEACHERS WORKSHOPS! –> Visual Aids and Basic Art Skills May 30, Wednesday, 9am to 5pm –> Classroom Decorating June 3, Sunday, 9am to 5pm To be conducted by Precious Jewel Gamboa, Top 6 Sept ’10 LET, UP Educ. Precious is also an incoming 3rd year student at […]

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1st Study Skills Camp at MindGym on June 2: Warm Up, Prep Well, and Excel!

Throughout the school year, how often do we hear the following typical remarks about studying and learning? Mom: I wish my child had better grades.  She/he spends so much time on Facebook and his/her PSP or cellphone.  I feel guilty that I  can’t be by her/his side as a tutor.  I need to make a […]

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Art Workshop for Teachers 2012

Teachers and teachers-to-be: Learn about visual aids, teaching props, the basics of design, etc! Join teacher Precious Gamboa, September 2012 LET, Top 6, at MindGym Philippines on May 5 and May 12, 9am to 5 pm, for an Art Workshop that will make your lifetime teaching-learning experiences more interesting and effective! This summer break is […]

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2012 Summer Art Workshops at MindGym – An Art Quest

Do you want your child to learn lessons in life in a fun and interesting way? Try a summer art workshop run by professional teachers who are sensitive to children’s needs, flexible in their teaching practices, and creative in their approaches. Your child will learn not only how to draw straight and curved lines and […]

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March 2012 LET Refresher Course

March 2012 LET Power Refresher Review

The March 2012 LET is only a month away (30 days to be exact). With all the reviewing you’ve done, would you like to see how well you could fare in the LET? Are you in need of an overall refresher review to boost and keep your memory sharp and alert for the upcoming exam? […]

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Memory Workshop Sampler for 2011

Use it or lose it is a cliche which applies for muscle building as much as memory training.  Students have to use their memory powers to remember information, pass exams, and get good grades.  When students graduate from their educational institutions, they tend to stop using their memory and to exercise their brains, thus leading […]

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MindGym Shares Memory Tips at UP ACLE Day

Sharing one’s knowledge, skills, and talents to the country’s education hub of future leaders is a pride for MindGym Philippines.  This August 18, 2011, through a two-hour interactive group session,  MindGym Philippines memory coach Albert A. Basa will share with students of the University of the Philippines (UP) memory techniques to help them get an […]

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Memory Advantage Workshop 2011

“There is no learning without memory.” — Harry Lorayne Train your memory! Apply memory techniques mentioned by MindGym memory coach Albert A. Basa when he was interviewed live by Kara yesterday, May 18, 2011, at  GMA News TV’s News to Go with Kara David and Howie Severino. Use memory techniques to recall presidents of the Philippines […]

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Sept 2011 LET Review Batch 2

Future LET reviewees, you may now register your details for Batch 2 (starts on July 9, 2011). Call us at (02) 437-5880 or text us at 0927-877-0800.

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