First Things First to a Better Memory

by Coach Albert Every memory technique starts with “attention” and “observation”. Surely, you know what these two words mean.  But do you know that these two words are the first two (or the most important) things you need to have a phenomenal memory.  If you focus your attention on things that matter, they will never […]

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LET Review Math Workout (5 items)

Here are some extra Math drills to work on from LET Top 1  in Math, 2005, Glenn Gilongos. Remember to work on these as quickly but as accurately as possible.  Use the calculator you intend to bring on LET day to do the calculations and save time. (more…)

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After room assignments, it’s time for final tips from Jean Millare, LET topnotcher

It’s been a year since MindGym Philippines alumni Jean Millare took the Licensure examinations and made it as Top 1 in her batch. Though very busy doing her dream job of “teaching teachers” in the University of Southern Mindanao, Jean took time to share these final tips for LET takers this September 2011. “Hi.  It’s […]

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Room Assignments for September 2011 LET Now Posted Online

Thirteen days to go till September 25.  Too close yet still much time left for finishing some review competencies that needs to be polished. When you feel like taking a little break from reviewing, why not go to the school where you are supposed to take your LET?  Here’s the online site from PRC which […]

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Final Coaching for September 2011 LET

After over 14 days of intensive coaching in general education, professional education and specialization, MindGym Philippines will conduct a 3-day event this weekend, September 9, 10, 11. It includes a pre-LET day and a  Final Coaching for MindGym LETers and MyReviewCoach online LET review.  Reviewees are required to come much earlier to maximize time on […]

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MindGym Shares Memory Tips at UP ACLE Day

Sharing one’s knowledge, skills, and talents to the country’s education hub of future leaders is a pride for MindGym Philippines.  This August 18, 2011, through a two-hour interactive group session,  MindGym Philippines memory coach Albert A. Basa will share with students of the University of the Philippines (UP) memory techniques to help them get an […]

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Now Offering: Online LET Review for Sept 2011

In two months, you’ll be taking the Licensure Examinations for Teachers. Have you started your LET preparation yet? Are you still looking for a LET review center or materials to use in your self-review? Are you staying far from our Quezon City center? Or can’t meet our center review schedule because of work, school, or family commitments? […]

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MindGym LET Review: Online Finds in Educational Psychology

by Melane Manalo Are you at the intimacy v. isolation stage yet? Have you been functioning well at the stage of formal operations or are you still needing to build up on concrete operations? Can’t tell or are wondering what these are? It’s 82 days to go before the September 25 LET! We’ve found great […]

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September 2011 LET Review on Weekdays Now Open

MindGym Philippines works hard to make its Intensive Coaching for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) available to more LET prospects aiming for the TOP and those who direly need to pass after several retakes. For the first time MindGym will offer weekday September 2011 LET review for those who have family, work, church and […]

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Congratulations to April 2011 LET Passers at MindGym Philippines

Believing that “Yes, you can!”, you did it MindGym LETers! We are glad that you chose us to be your LET review venue. – Your MindGym coaches

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Memory Advantage Workshop 2011

“There is no learning without memory.” — Harry Lorayne Train your memory! Apply memory techniques mentioned by MindGym memory coach Albert A. Basa when he was interviewed live by Kara yesterday, May 18, 2011, at  GMA News TV’s News to Go with Kara David and Howie Severino. Use memory techniques to recall presidents of the Philippines […]

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April 2011 LET Results Out: Congratulations Professional teachers

April 2011 LET results for elementary and secondary education

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Sept 2011 LET Review Batch 2

Future LET reviewees, you may now register your details for Batch 2 (starts on July 9, 2011). Call us at (02) 437-5880 or text us at 0927-877-0800.

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Not Too Anxious with April 2011 LET Results Coming Out Soon

Many professional teachers-to-be who took the April 2011 LET are definitely iffy about the results of their exams.  Thoughts like:  “I haven’t tried hard enough” or “I haven’t really been good at analyzing the items” or “It wasn’t my lucky day; I can try again” or “The TOS wasn’t followed by those crazy test developers” […]

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September 2011 LET Review: Why Choose MindGym?

Three days to go and three slots left for MindGym Philippines’ first batch of LET coaching for the September 2011 LET.  So far, registrants comprise a diverse mix of LET prospects:  several fresh graduates with Latin honors (a summa and magna cum laude and several honorable mentions), a handful of teachers who just decided to […]

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April 2011 Licensure Examination for Teachers: How to Handle Test Anxiety

by Edleen Guanko It’s quite normal to be nervous before an exam, and even after the exam, while waiting for the results. Anyone who ever went to school must have experienced this at some point. I’m sure you would all agree that board exams, such as the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), cause more anxiety […]

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April 2011 Licensure Examination for Teachers Room Assignments

Feeling nervous about the LET on April 3, 2011?  Cramming for last minute reinforcements of the test items you missed during the pre-LET or mock drills that you took?  Still haven’t received your mail regarding your assigned testing center? At last, here’s a bit of relief for those who still do not know their testing […]

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2011 April LET Review: Yet Another 10 Math Questions To Solve

Good afternoon, guys! Here is another set of Math word problems to solve. The following problems are similar to the ones posted before. 1. A department store advertises a 25%-off sale. A pair of jeans on sale is marked P28.50. What was the former price? 2. The value of a fraction is 5/8. If the […]

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pic - LET 2011 MindGym Blackboard Ad

April 2011 LET: What to Bring and to Wear

It’s 17 sleeps to go before the LET but it’s not too early to prepare for other requirements for the day, aside from a well exercised mind full of education-related and LET-relevant knowledge, a happy and hopeful heart, a fighting spirit. PRC requires that examinees bring the following to their testing sites: 1.  Notice of […]

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2011 April LET Review: 10 Math Questions To Solve

by Cammille Carinan “Practice is the best of all instructors” Publilius Syrus Are you ready for the Math portion of the licensure examination for teachers (LET) this April 3?  If you are still working your way to solve Math problems quickly but accurately, here are some word problems in Math for you to solve.  Go […]

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