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FIT (Fun-Interesting Teaching) is King!

I believe that fun and interesting teaching can invoke optimism. The ability to project voice, knowledge about basic theater arts, skill to “improvise” and implement icebreakers and energizers can help.

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Part 6 of 10 May “K” ka ba sa K-12?: Why TLE Teachers should go to TESDA?

Coach Albert’s Thoughts About the K-12 Why are TLE teachers being required by DepEd to enrol in TESDA training programs? The embedment of tech-voc courses in the K-12 should follow the standards of TESDA’s training regulations (or TR). Conforming to TESDA standards will ensure higher absorptive capacity for students since these TRs were developed in […]

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Part 5 of 10 May “K” ka ba sa K-12?: Attention TLE Teachers

Coach Albert’s Thoughts About the K-12 One of the three specialization tracks in K-12 is the tech-voc track which is basically the concern of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) teachers. Through this track, K-12 graduates may be eligible to obtain Certificates of Competency (COC) or National Certificates Levels I, II and III (Learn more about […]

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Fun, Interesting Teachers (FIT) for Power Learning

How do entice students to learn? After getting their attention, how do you maintain their interest in learning? These are very important questions that teachers deal with every day. Your personal experience from a class, seminar, or conference may have given you the notion that most learning is really boring. This has been my feeling […]

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