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Congratulations! March 2015 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Topnotchers and Passers

MindGym Philippines has proudly coached ELEVEN (11) topnotchers from the March 2015 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

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Some January 2014 LET Passers at our LET SAIL-ebration Victory Party (more photos)

LET-taker Labels: First-timer, Repeater.. Topnotcher

What is the importance of declaring if you are a “first-timer” or “repeater” LET-taker? Find out here.

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September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers: MindGym Topnotchers and Passers

Congratulations, new teachers! Check out our complete list of passers for the September 2013 LET.

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Conrado Sotelo, LET Top 2: A call for national transformation through a new breed of teachers

It was the first time that I heard and saw Conrado Sotelo talk before many last Saturday, June 8, when he dropped by to inspire MindGym’s Batch 2 LETers of September 2013. Conrado is the March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers’ Top 2 for Secondary Education. He was a relatively quiet reviewee. When he was […]

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March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) Topnotchers

Six LET Topnotchers (including Top 1 and 2) and 92% Passing Rate: a Great Harvest in the March 2013 LET

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” – Oscar Wilde 2013 greeted us with extra challenges in MindGym’s Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) coaching: We dreamt of ten LET topnotchers and we committed to work hard. We enjoined MindGym LETers not only to pass the LET but to TOP the LET to ensure […]

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Room Assignments for September 2012 LET Now Posted Online

by mo/am Alice It’s 11 sleeps to go before the September 2012 LET.  By now, LET taker-teacher-to-be, you should already be winding up with LET review and beginning to cool down. Today, one cause of anxiety for LETers is down.  PRC already posted room assignments for LET takers in Manila, Pampanga, CDO, Samar, Cebu and […]

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My LET Story: On Winning the LET Battle

Of around twenty-eight thousand examinees who took the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (Secondary), what were my chances of passing and topping the LET? It felt like a game on probability, and to increase my chances, careful calculations must be made. But the calculations, the preparations for the big day—the Big Battle Day—were not easy. I […]

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Aloha Ball - Pink

MindGym March LET 2012 TOPnotchers and Passers off to Hawaii

Aloha!  Ho’omaika’i ‘ana MindGym March 2012 LET Topnotchers and Passers! Today, the 12th of May 2012, the MindGym family celebrates the victory of six (6) Licensure Examination for Teachers topnotchers (LET) and many passers who reached their dreams of becoming professional teachers — through a Hawaiian-/summer-inspired party at La Casa MIA. And, I felt glad […]

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95% Passing Rate for MindGym Philippines LET Reviewees

Four MindGym LET reviewees made it to the top of the September 2011 Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET): Dorothy Ann Angco (6) Wilson Espiritu (7) Patricia Caguin-del Rosario (10) Celeste Lamayan (10). For the past five LETs, MindGym has coached, challenged, and cared for a total of 13 LET topnotchers—a commendable track record for a […]

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September 2011 LET Review: Why Choose MindGym?

Three days to go and three slots left for MindGym Philippines’ first batch of LET coaching for the September 2011 LET.  So far, registrants comprise a diverse mix of LET prospects:  several fresh graduates with Latin honors (a summa and magna cum laude and several honorable mentions), a handful of teachers who just decided to […]

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April 2011 LET (Licensure Exams for Teachers) Final Coaching

It’s 31 days to go before the LET. MindGym Philippines reviewees are all geared up for the April 3 LET and reinforcing their knowledge and skills this time through small group review, peer teaching and coaching, and remedial sessions from MindGym coaches. But for some aspiring LET takers, like busy teachers, part-timers, employees, working mothers […]

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Congratulations to September 2010 LET Passers of MindGym Philippines

The September 2010 batch is so far MindGym’s first big batch since it started coaching teachers-to-be for the September-October 2009 LET (or the Ondoy batch).  Here is a list of new professional teachers who reviewed at MindGym and realized their dreams. From this batch, three garnered top posts, namely: Jean Millare       Top […]

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