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March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: TLE (Day 19)

Start reading, learning, and enriching your Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) knowledge if you have to take this specialization for the LET. Diverse subjects will be tested in the LET though you may have taken only one or two of the subjects in-depth: Cosmetology, Food, Business Math, Entrepreneurship, Carpentry, Masonry, Plumbing, Electrical, Electronics and Drafting. […]

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March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: SPED (Day 18)

1. Which among the following is a mood disorder? A. Bipolar disorder B. Obsessive/compulsive disorder C. Phobias D. Selective mutism 2. It is the placement of a disabled child who is enrolled in a special class, in a regular school, where a student could participate in some activities with nondisabled peers. A. Normalization B. Mainstreaming […]

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March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: SOCIAL STUDIES(Day 17)

1. With the promotion of social justice in mind, which does NOT belong to the group? A. Equitable access to education B. Profit sharing C. Diffusion of wealth D. Absolute right over property 2. Which part of the Visayas receives the least precipitation? A. Northern B. Eastern C. Western D. Central (more…)

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Memory Improvement Encounter starts November at P 900 off

Would you like a memory upgrade? How about a life full of friends, higher grades, a better business or career, an ageless mind, less anxieties and lots of time for fun? Would you like to experience how your own brain works magic after learning a few memory tips and doing light brain workouts? Yes, you […]

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Mmm.. brain food, anyone?

Go Heavy in Muscles and Memory

Last Saturday, I attended the 4th BodyBuilding and Fitness Seminar in University of the Philippines Diliman organized by the Philippine BodyBuilders Association of the Philippines (PBBA). Four-peat Mr. Universe Ramon Cortuna shared a strategic exercise program for basic bodybuilding, Registered Nutritionist and Dietician Janeth Aro talked on Nutrition and Athletic Performance, and 4Fitness Institute’s Director […]

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MindGym Philippines LET Reviewer Book 1 — Warm-Ups

MindGym LET Review Book 1 in the Pipeline!

Yes! to reach out to the many LET takers in the provinces who can not travel to attend our Intensive Coaching for LET but would like to be part of the MindGym family and benefit from the support and care of its LET coaches and reviewers! We will soon be releasing our very first LET […]

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Real Steel (2011)

Watch Movies, Increase Memory Power!

In our L.E.T. review sessions on learning theories, I advice teachers to go on a movie date to understand how “classical conditioning works” by making their movie date crave more for them or even fall in love with them a few movies after. But I’m not a love guru so you’ll have to discover your own […]

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March 2012 Licensure Examination for Teachers: PRC Application and MindGym Enrollment Now Open!

An earlier LET for the first batch of test takers in 2012 as posted by the Professional Regulations Commission came as a surprise to us (it’s been moved to March 11, 2012!). Since the time MindGym started coaching in October 2009, the initial LET for a given year was usually scheduled on the first week […]

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Memory Workshop Sampler for 2011

Use it or lose it is a cliche which applies for muscle building as much as memory training.  Students have to use their memory powers to remember information, pass exams, and get good grades.  When students graduate from their educational institutions, they tend to stop using their memory and to exercise their brains, thus leading […]

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Final Coaching for September 2011 LET

After over 14 days of intensive coaching in general education, professional education and specialization, MindGym Philippines will conduct a 3-day event this weekend, September 9, 10, 11. It includes a pre-LET day and a  Final Coaching for MindGym LETers and MyReviewCoach online LET review.  Reviewees are required to come much earlier to maximize time on […]

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Now Offering: Online LET Review for Sept 2011

In two months, you’ll be taking the Licensure Examinations for Teachers. Have you started your LET preparation yet? Are you still looking for a LET review center or materials to use in your self-review? Are you staying far from our Quezon City center? Or can’t meet our center review schedule because of work, school, or family commitments? […]

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September 2011 LET Review: Why Choose MindGym?

Three days to go and three slots left for MindGym Philippines’ first batch of LET coaching for the September 2011 LET.  So far, registrants comprise a diverse mix of LET prospects:  several fresh graduates with Latin honors (a summa and magna cum laude and several honorable mentions), a handful of teachers who just decided to […]

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