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How to Creatively Wait for the September 2013 LET Results

Worrying for the LET exam results doesn’t solve anything. Check out some tips from Coach Alice to keep you creative, positive, and productive during “the wait”!

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Believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? At MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for the LET, reviewees have the mantra : Yes, I can!  Initially sounding corny, mushy, and trite – it eventually becomes a battle cry for all our LETers who dream of topping or at least passing the LET on first take (with MindGym’s help). Believing in […]

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September 2013 LET Power Coaching

In less than a month, our MindGym LET takers (LETers) who reviewed at the center for at least 15 days will take the LET. Scheduled two weeks prior to the examination, we’ll be having our much-anticipated three-day September 2013 LET Power Coaching refresher course to boost LET-takers’ confidence in passing/TOP-ing the LET. MindGym September 2013 […]

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LET Review Math Workout (5 items)

Here are some extra Math drills to work on from LET Top 1  in Math, 2005, Glenn Gilongos. Remember to work on these as quickly but as accurately as possible.  Use the calculator you intend to bring on LET day to do the calculations and save time. (more…)

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