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LET Review Workout in Math (3)

For Math majors, this should be easy.  Glenn compiled these for you. 1.  How many ways can you rearrange the letters of the word wizards if the consonants should be arranged alphabetically but not necessarily together? 2.  If sin x = 3/5 and x is in Q2, find the value of sin 3x 3.  What […]

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Daily Work Out for LET: Subject-Verb Agreement

A 20-item English exercise on subject-verb agreement for LET General Education review purposes.

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Daily Work Outs for LET: English Literature

Today, give some literature-related items a try. Here’s an easy starter. 1. “Nothing happens in this world by chance, it is all part of a grand design.” The author speaks of one’s _________. A. ambition B. luck C. destiny D. dream 2. The Master said: “Only one who bursts with eagerness do I instruct. Only […]

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MindGym’s Daily Work Out for LET: English

After the warm up drills in English, here’ s another round of multiple choice items to keep you going in your review for LET. 1. Wise people can _________ with frustrations. A. cope up B. cope on C. cope in D. cope 2. My grandpa had some “lucid moments” before he died. He was ____________. […]

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Preparing for the LET through MindGym’s Daily Work Out

Are you taking the LET? We hope you find these exercises a good warm up for the succeeding MindGym work outs you’ll have to accomplish.

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